Curt Schilling: Spineless Keyboard Warrior — Now Targeting Transgender People

Some people know Curt Schilling as a former Major League Baseball pitcher and commentator for ESPN. Others know him as a loud-mouthed bigot who constantly gets himself in trouble on social media with his unsolicited comments on everything from Muslims to gay marriage. Well, he’s at it again, and this time the target of his hateful ignorance is the transgender community.

This week Schilling posted a particularly disgusting meme about transgender people on his Facebook, implying that they only want access to women’s bathrooms to sexually harass people. He then deleted it. After that, he took to Twitter to protest his innocence. Nice try, Curt. When you’re a public figure with a reputation of putting your foot in your mouth, it is hard to deny such things, especially when someone takes a screenshot of your post:


Oops. Hard to deny that, Curt.

And if people want to defend Schilling’s actions as “just a repost” of a circulating meme, don’t worry, someone took a screenshot of a comment he posted below the photo:


Oops again, Curt.

Schilling’s last social media escapade where he compared Muslims to Nazis earned him a six month suspension. Schilling has the right to be as bigoted as he wants in his individual capacity, but his employer may not appreciate his views.

ESPN says that it is taking Schilling’s comments very seriously. ESPN has attempted to be supportive of LGBT issues over the years. Two of their affiliated reporters, LZ Granderson and Kate Fagan, are openly gay.

Now that it is impossible to deny that he actually posted the meme in the first place, Schilling is taking to the internet again to vent his hatred. In a blog post, he blamed the media for targeting him, blamed the public for getting outraged, and misspelled brouhaha as “brew ha ha.”

Yeah Curt, you’re the victim. Keep on telling yourself that. And by the way, that’s strike two. You may or may not get a third.

Feature Image via Getty/Nick Laham