Disney Faces Moral Dilemma With ‘Frozen’ Sequel And Possible Fan Wars (TWEETS)

Disney characters have never included a lesbian or same-sex relationship. Fox News reports that fans of “Frozen” want to see Princes Elsa with a female love interest in the sequel to the popular movie.

Pro-Gay Elsa fans took to Twitter with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.  Of course, those opposed to Elsa having a girlfriend chimed in. The hashtag is now trending.

Here’s the deal: normalizing LGBT relationships in theory, on the screen, and in real life helps to reduce stigma.

Queer People Exist In The Real World, Too

Kids (even little tykes) may have school friends with two mommies or two daddies.  There is also a good possibility that some of  their classmates may come out as queer down the road.

I can remember back to 1975 when I was a fifth-grader. I had an elementary buddy who won every talent show. Randy was “Paris Is Burning” long before the documentary was made. He popped and bent and I watched this young contortionist in awe every year.  We didn’t call him “gay.” Instead, we clapped and cheered as he created unbelievable moves on stage.

The Disney Dilemma Points A Finger At The Need For Societal Change

The truth is kids couldn’t care less about Disney or superhero characters being associated with gayness. As usual, hateful speech starts with adults and has a sad trickle down effect. As a member of the queer community, I would like to think that my grandkids are not being taught hatred when they step outside of their homes. They are five and six and I work more about not assigning toys to gender. That’s me. Their parents have the final say, but when they’re in my care, toys and movies are age-appropriate. That’s about as far as I go in censoring what they play with and or view.

As  expected #GiveElsaAGirlfriend is controversial. Check out the tweets for and against Elsa having a girlfriend.



By giving Elsa a same-sex love interest Disney would be breaking new ground. They have done a less-than-stellar job in the past with racism and sexism.  Let’s see how they handle Elsa.

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