Top 6 Ways Republicans Are Hurting Children (Not Just Healthcare)

Republicans just love taking away women’s reproductive rights. Donald Trump said that women who get abortions should be punished in some way, he suggested jail. All of the investigations have cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing, but Republicans are still trying to shut it down. They care about abortions, but what do they do for the kids once they are born? Here are some of the ways the Republicans have proven that they are not “pro-life,” they are just “pro-birth.” I’m using this article¬†from RawStory about Oklahoma’s “pro-birth” policies and expanding it to include all Republicans:

1. Childcare Tax Credit

Oklahoma has been trying to pass a bill banning ALL abortions, but luckily it got vetoed. Just hours after the governor vetoed the bill, Oklahoma republicans cut the tax credits parents can get for taking their children to daycare. Oklahoma cut their childcare fund that should be used for helping working women find daycare for their children. Some Republicans have gone so far as to try and stop poor people from having sex.

2. Education Cuts

The author at RawStory said Oklahoma has cut their $3 billion budget for education by $58 million. They currently have a teacher shortage because they can’t afford to pay them. Oklahoma is not the only state hurting in the education budget. New York City Schools have had to turn to crowdfunding to pay for budget cuts.

3. Child Welfare

The author pointed out that Oklahoma is in such a bad spot with child welfare that the federal government had to step in. Child welfare services are not doing well in many states. It’s not just the money, the system can be messed up at times. One welfare worker was arrested for abusing a child under her care.

4. Screwing Up The Tax-Free Weekend

Most states have a tax-free weekend every year for school supplies, clothes, etc. Their tax-free weekend only included clothes under $100; it did not include supplies. This seems silly, since the weekend is supposed to be about getting kids ready for school.

5. Healthcare Screwups

The Republicans have been wanting to gut health care ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed. When Ted Cruz was running for president, he got into a bit of an argument with a disabled man about taking away Obamacare. Oklahoma ranks 46th in the country in healthcare and 49th in the doctor-patient ratio. Colorado is stepping up and trying to set up their own single-payer health care systems. Hopefully, every state will follow their lead. Barbarian Paul Ryan wants to bring back the limits on pre-existing conditions. This could make many sick people be unable to afford their medical care. No one should have to face bankruptcy for getting sick.

6. Screwing Up Mental Healthcare

Ever since the ACA passed, Republicans have been trying to repeal it. The law gives more access to mental health care that many Americans couldn’t afford before. Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of untreated mental health patients in the country. Their Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse has had to over $22 million from their budget. Plus, the treatment of pre-existing conditions would be stripped away if the law is repealed.

All of these services affect children in some way. Children can get mental illnesses as well.

Here is a news video about the abortion law that the governor of Oklahoma vetoed:

Featured image by Jay via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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