Trump The Whiny Wimp Now Says He Was Joking About Debating Bernie Sanders

Ah, Donald Trump. You talk a good game and try to sound like a real tough guy, but when it comes time to walk the walk that corresponds to all the talking you do, it turns out you’re just a whiny wimp who can’t take a punch.

Last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Trump was asked if he would agree to debate Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, and he said he would if the money raised would be used for charity. Here’s the Donald last night:

Not long after the show aired, the Sanders campaign accepted the offer:

But now, in the clear light of day, the Trump campaign informs us that their guy was just joking. Yeah, it was all just a joke. Nothing to see here, everyone move along now.

I’ve seen some chickenshit stuff before, but this really takes the proverbial cake. That cake should now be aimed at the fat orange face of Donald Trump.

This entire incident, however, speaks to a much larger issue: You can believe exactly NOTHING that Donald Trump says. If he says the sky is blue, go check and make sure it still is. Hey, we all know that politicians of all parties like to stretch the truth from time to time. But this is beyond that. This is the kind of pathological lying that is indicative of a much larger underlying psychological condition. And it also tells us that Trump is a wimp of epic proportions. He doesn’t want to debate Bernie Sanders because he knows Sanders would clean his freaking clock!

So to all those who say what a great strategist and thinker Donald Trump is, please remember this moment when he had a chance to prove there’s something behind all of his bluster other than the empty suit he is now wearing.

Late Update: Now Trump says he will debate Sanders IF the payout for charity is $10 million which is donated to women’s health issues. Stay tuned. Tomorrow, Trump could easily raise the amount to $20 million or declare this offer to be a joke, too.

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