Where’s The Right-Wing Outrage Over Melania Trump Posing In A Thong With A Gun? (VIDEO)

A photo of Melania Trump, wearing a thong bikini and pointing a gun, has surfaced on the internet. Why hasn’t it generated even a fraction of the conservative attacks that Michelle Obama received when she posed with bare arms? I think we can guess.

To refresh your memory, via ABC News, March, 2009:

The latest arms controversy embroiling the White House has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. Instead, it’s sprung from criticism about Michelle Obama showing off her toned triceps and biceps in her first official photo as first lady.

The nation’s first spouse, who often dons sleeveless attire, dared to show off her limbs in the picture that graces her Web site and was released Sunday.

That was so Black Democrat In The White House ago!

The Proud Liberals Facebook page found Michelle Obama’s “scandalous” photo and paired it with Melania Trump in a thong:

Trump Obama

I have yet to hear a peep from the righties about possible First Lady (God forbid) Melania Trump posing with a lot more bared than her arms. In fact, a site called MrConservative.com praised Melania’s raunchy photos as proof that she’s more elegant and classy than Michelle Obama.

When verifying the photo, Snopes pointed out that Trump’s photo was taken before she was married to The Donald and 15 years before he became a presidential candidate.

Does anyone think that if old photos of Michelle Obama posing this way wouldn’t have generated 24/7 cable news poutrage, no matter when they were taken? If so, I have three words for you: Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Below is a video about Melania Trump’s rise as a model, via the Daily Mail.

Featured image via Proud Liberals

Ellen Brodsky is a long time blogger for NewsHounds.us and a contributor to Crooks and Liars. She has also worked as a researcher for Brave New Films' landmark documentary, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" and "Iraq for Sale."