Israeli Police Recommend Netanyahu’s Wife Be Indicted

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is probably one of the most hated and liked Prime Ministers in the United States. It depends where you fall on the political spectrum. His detractors will have something to rejoice over now. Reports indicate that Israeli police are recommending the courts indict his wife Sarah on the charge of misuse of public funds and inflated household spending.

Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit will be reviewing the cases. Sarah allegedly used illegal funds by double billing the family trips while abroad approximately ten years ago. The money was supposedly used for an in house caregiver on behalf of her ailing father and to pay for meals.

Israeli news outlets such as Haaretz and Channel 2 TV have reported the police were under the impression they can bring charges against Sarah Netanyahu in three separate cases.

Police have indicated the investigation has ended and their information has been turned over to the appropriate prosecutors, but provided no other details on the issue. These accusations are not new for the Netanyahus. For a long time they have been accused of being out of touch with average Israeli families because of their extravagant lifestyle choices.

Israeli Comptroller Joseph Shapira issued a 2015 report saying there was, “concern about an alleged breach of integrity that borders on suspicion of a criminal act.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu took to Facebook to vociferously deny the allegations. “In the police statement there was no recommendation to bring Mrs. Netanyahu to trial. In contrast to reports, Mrs. Netanyahu did not commit any crime,” he maintained.

If the past is any indication of the future, then Sarah Netanyahu will not be looking forward to having any luck in the courtroom. This past February a former employee won a case in court in which he accused the Prime Minster’s wife of being verbally abusive.

The Prime Minister has not been included in the investigation and the allegations apply only to his wife. However, even if he isn’t criminally charged the controversy surrounding his wife will likely have a largely adverse effect on the Prime Minister’s political career.


Featured image via Aljazeera.

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