#FreeJasmine-BLM Organizer Convicted Of ‘Felony Lynching’

Activists in SoCal are organizing in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM), activist Jasmine Richards Abdullah. According to Independent co.uk., the twenty-nine-year-old Pasadena resident  was charged and convicted of ‘felony lynching’ last week. The arrest stems from an incident that took place last August. She will be sentenced this coming Tuesday and faces up to four years in prison. Richards is accused of interfering with the arrest of a demonstrator which is oddly termed under California law as ‘felony lynching.’

Richard’s Attorney Explains Why Her Client Is Not Guilty Of ‘Felony Lynching’

Nana Gyamfi Richard’s attorney maintains her client did not break any laws. She firmly rejects the antiquated term maintaining her stance that is not applicable. The term ”felony lynching went on the books in 1933 and speaks to a riot fueled lynch mob. The law and language were added to deflect some of the overt racism, including (lynch mobs) blacks and Latino Californians faced during the 1930s. Gyamfi argues that in Richard’s case, there was never a collective group effort or mob incited tactic to fight the police. Gyamfi shared her argument with Democracy Now, saying,

“What’s very important to note here is that there’s a requirement that there be a riot, that there basically be a lynch mob that is assisting you in the lynching of the person that you’re trying to take from the police.”

The Entire Notion Of ‘Felony Lynching’ Is Pure F*ckery

Gyamfi noted that the law was “allegedly” put in place to protect black citizens from racist lynchings and state-sanctioned violence. In 2016 the law is being used against black people who speak out on the wrath of state-sanctioned violence by law enforcement. It is very creative wordplay.

BLM Issues Press Release On The Sentencing Hearing Seeks Support To #FreeJasmine

A “No Jail Time for Jasmine” petition is being circulated over social media to petition the judge. http://act.colorofchange.org/…/freejasmine-no-jail-time-bl…/. Those interested in donating to Jasmine’s legal defense and or /books may do so at www.crowdrise.com/blmla.

BLM issued a press release to  inform the public that Richards is being held as a political prisoner because she organized the Pasadena chapter of the BLM movement. Organizers are hoping to fill the Pasadena Courthouse for Jasmine’s sentencing hearing on Tuesday, June 7, at 8:30 AM. The courthouse is located at 300. E. Walnut.

Dr. Melina Abdullah, BLM organizer, and Cal State professor shared her feelings on felony lynching’and the arrest of Richards with Democracy Now radio program. She asserts Richards is being held as a political prisoner for organizing in Pasadena against police brutality.




Featured Image: Twitter/Jasmine Richards (Abdullah)

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