11 Strange Facts About The Duggar Family And Their Parenting (VIDEO)

We’ve seen the Duggar family in the spotlight for years because of their TLC show, 19 Kids And Counting (or however many kids they’re up to now). They have some extreme religious views that shape how they raise their children.

They have been investigated by Child Protective Services. One time the parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, would not let investigators into the house.

Their oldest son, Josh, molested some of his sisters back in 2003, but they conveniently waited until after the statute of limitations was up before they told anyone.

Well, I’m bringing you some facts about this odd family that might surprise you. I had a hard time keeping the facts down to just 11.

1. Dating vs. Courting and Chaperones

The Duggar kids charge their siblings $5 to chaperone one of their dates.  They make a distinction between “dating” and “courting.” They say that dating is done alone and doesn’t lead to marriage. Courting is dating with a “purpose,” with that purpose being marriage. It is kind of a big deal and they require chaperones on every date.

2. Group texts

When Jessa was dating Ben, the parents had to be included in every text. I don’t understand how you can really get to know someone if you’re are never allowed to speak to them alone.

3. Public Displays Of Affection

Jessa Duggar never held hands with now husband, Ben, until after they were engaged. They were not allowed to kiss until their wedding day. They conducted the kiss in private after the ceremony.

2. No Pants

The girls in the family are never allowed to wear pants. They can only wear dresses and skirts. Jessa Duggar no longer follows this rule as she is now married. She wears pants and wants to adopt children. Gasp! Her parents must be shocked.

3. Food Budget?

The Duggar food budget is around $3,000 per month. That includes 7 gallons of milk and 4-dozen eggs. That actually sounds kind of low considering how many people they have to feed.

4. Guns Guns Guns!

Each family member is a huge supporter of the Second Amendment. The family received some flack for a photo where 5-year-old Josie was running towards an unattended rifle. This is their 16-year-old son, Jedidiah, holding a large rifle.

5. Religious Affiliation

They identify as “Independent Baptists.” We all know they are very religious, but they refuse to join any traditional church. They could have their own congregation by now. One Twitter user had an apt description of them:

6. Music Lessons

All of the children have practiced an instrument. Michelle Duggar has a website she uses to save money on the instruments:


7. Laundry

How much laundry does the family do? They go through about 40 loads per week on four different washer-dryer sets. The children’s piano teacher comes to the house and does their laundry twice a week.

8. Home-schooling

All 19 Duggar kids have been homeschooled. They actually have a live-in tutor, Tabitha Bates.

9. How Long Has Michelle Been Pregnant?

Michelle Duggar has been pregnant over 135 months of her life; they are strictly against birth control as part of the Quiverfull movement. Their kids have lots of babies too. Anna and Josh Duggar are expecting baby number five. Jill Duggar and Dillard are expecting their second child.

10. Weird Rules Around The Boys

I’m quoting the source directly on this one. This is just so weird I’m speechless:

“Michelle does not allow the boys to play hide n’ seek with the girls, the boys to babysit the girls, nor can the girls sit on the laps of any of the older brothers or anyone of the opposite sex, except for their father. That seems to have worked out well for Josh…”

11. Alcohol

They are staunchly against alcohol as well. Michelle claims to have tried it “accidentally” one time. She said:

“Personally, I don’t think alcohol needs to be convenient.” 

She doesn’t think it should be sold in convenience stores.

Bonus: Check out this video on one of the Duggas’ family girls.


Featured Image: Screenshot Via Duggar Family Twitter.

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