Truck Accident Leaves A New Jersey Highway Full Of Deli Meat And Bread

There was a major accident on a freeway in New Jersey this morning. A truck carrying deli meat and another truck carrying bread collided. This, unfortunately, killed many potential sandwiches that will not be able to be enjoyed by anyone.

The trucks collided on Interstate 287 around 6 a.m. This caused a huge spill, and traffic was backed up for a few miles. As you can tell, the trailer on one of the trucks is completely destroyed. Luckily, no one was injured. First responders had a fun morning of picking up spilled meat and bread.

I guess Chris Christie is fetching Donald Trump and his team sandwiches now.

via NBC New York
via NBC New York

Christie endorsed Trump, but The Donald made fun of him as well. At a fundraising event, Trump was going on about how companies are outsourcing jobs, and he mentioned Nabisco as one of the companies that sent jobs out of our country. So, naturally he said this to Christie after saying he won’t eat Oreos anymore:

“Neither is Chris! You’re not eating Oreos anymore!”

He tried to make the comment a little less harsh by saying:

“No more Oreos, for either of us, Chris! Don’t feel bad! For either of us!”

Maybe Christie is trying to make a big political stunt again since Bridgegate worked so well.

Christie received a lot of flack in 2013 when he deliberately closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge. He supposedly did it to make a political rival mad at him. The mayor of Fort Lee didn’t endorse Christie, so one of Christie’s staffers sent the infamous email:

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Featured image from NBC New York.

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