Trans Woman Beats Out Mormon For The Utah Democratic Senate Nomination (VIDEO)

Say hello to the first transgender woman to earn a Congressional nomination in a major political party. Misty Snow just became the Utah Democrats’ nominee for the Senate. The fact that she is from Utah, a Mormon heavy state, makes her nomination even more amazing.

Go Utah… Let’s break the stereotypes!

Snow beat out her opponent, Mormon marriage therapist, Jonathan Swinton, by a 60 percent to 40 percent margin.

She had this to say about it on her website:

“There are some that claim that Utah is not ready for a candidate like me, but I strongly disagree. Utah is not only ready but in desperate need of a senator exactly like me. We cannot wait for others to give us equality. We have to claim equality for ourselves. I have the courage and fortitude to fight for economic prosperity and full equality under the law, and I will serve you well as Utah’s next U.S. senator.”

Utah is one of the most conservative states in the country. Over 60-percent of the population adheres to Mormonism, which has been openly anti-LGBT since its inception.

They have started making some small measures toward LGBT equality, but they have their own loopholes and one of those “religious freedom” laws giving religious people the right to discriminate.

Derek Kitchen, a member of the Salt Lake City Council, told Buzzfeed News:

“Her Republican opponent has a tight grasp on the senate seat, but Misty will hopefully bring a new kind of conversation to the table. I’m so thrilled that gender and sexuality are an afterthought in Utah politics, and I look forward to watching this race unfold. This is a dynamic time in political history, that’s for sure, and I’m so proud to bear witness to the changes.”

This is a great thing to see. Hopefully, this will empower more trans people to participate in politics, and that the inclusion of trans people at the next election is a familiar sight.

Featured Image A Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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