Political Exodus Continues: Top Tennessee Republican Leaves Party (VIDEO)

A top Republican in Tennessee resigned after citing that a small group of people tends to take advantage of the Republican Party, and act like the party is their personal piggy bank. The Tennessean – a daily newspaper based in Nashville – was first to report the exit of Republican State Executive Committee member, Mark Winslow.

The previous week, Winslow noted that he was resigning from his job position. A Donald Trump supporter, Winslow had a few parting words before leaving.

He remarked that the Republican Party is “drifting along on inertia” by collecting funds from Political Action Committees and distributing funds to a select few. It seems like the modern Republican Party focuses on empowering small businesses and the concept of a free market – as long as their pockets are also being lined with private and even public funds.

Other Republicans Are Leaving

Winslow joins a growing number of Republicans that have left the party this year.

In late June 2016, George Will, a conservative columnist and a Republican pundit for the past four decades, decided to leave the Republican Party because he feels like the Republican nominee, Trump, does not represent his values.

In an interview with PJ media, Will noted that he has switched his party registration to unaffiliated in a form of protest.

That same month, Republican mayor Danny Jones decided to leave the party by also switching his party registration to unaffiliated. The mayor of Charleston, West Virginia, Jones felt that for the first time in his life, he cannot support the Republican nominee for president.

GOP icon Mary Matalin left the party in May to become a Libertarian. She cited Donald Trump becoming the presumptive 2016 nominee as her reason, but called herself a “provisional Trumpster.”

What do you think of these Republicans leaving their party? What does the future hold for the GOP? Watch this video for more information.


Featured Image: A Screenshot Of Fox News Video Via YouTube.

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