Donald J. Trump Supporter Celebrates 4th of July In The Most Racist Way

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump has a knack for bringing out the racism still very much alive in the United States today. His words strike a chord once buried. He pulls the fringes ever closer to the mainstream. Trump’s candidacy is having such an impact that it inspired one man to associate his venomous rhetoric with one of our most revered holidays.

As we shoved processed meat and beer down our throats while people blew themselves up with fireworks, Sheridan, Ind. held an Independence Day parade. Boy, it was magical. The town cheered while patriotism marched down the street with the splendor of a thousand Republican-voting bald eagles shooting AR-15s at Muslim red coats. So much patriotism filled Sheridan that one of the floats featured an effigy of President Obama, calling him a “lying African.”

Wait a minute! What the damn hell?

donald j. trump indiana independence day float racist
Image via Facebook.

The image above appeared on the Periods for Pence Facebook page and has spread like wildfire since. It clearly shows President Barack Obama positioned in a toilet labeled “royal flush,” while the incredibly blatant, racist phrase “lying African” is posted underneath. Rounding out this visual tour of this person’s converted golf cart, I ask you shift your vision to the top, where Donald J. Trump’s surname is triumphantly emblazoned between two American flags.

Of course, nothing is more patriotic than using an Independence Day parade to voice your support for a racist candidate by building a racist effigy of the President to satiate your racist feelings.

It’s worth noting that Mr. Trump met with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence over the weekend, fueling speculation that the man who attached the phrase “religious freedom” to being an impressive bigot may be a vice presidential possibility.

You know, dislike President Obama all you want, but bullshit like this is totally uncalled for. Granted, I guess it makes sense something like this would happen. After all, the person who thought this float was a good idea is expressing political support for a man who apparently still doesn’t believe President Obama is an American citizen.

As bad as this float is, it’s only the second most bizarre and offensive thing I’ve seen in an Indiana Independence Day parade. Perhaps we should thank our lucky stars that the guy driving this racist-as-balls golf cart wasn’t dressed up in the uniform of a Confederate soldier.

h/t Raw Story

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