Pastor Arrested After The Teen He Impregnated Died From A Botched Abortion (VIDEO)

A Nigerian pastor, Gideon Garba, was arrested after the death of his teenage lover. The girl, identified as “Stella,” died of complications from an abortion. The baby belonged to Garba, who arranged the abortion with a friend who works at the hospital.

Stella was only about three months pregnant. The doctor gave her some drugs to flush out the pregnancy, but that didn’t work. He then gave her some kind of herbal drink, which caused her to bleed uncontrollably.

Her parents took her to the hospital after they found out what happened. Before she died, Stella confessed that it was Garba who got her pregnant.

Stella was the daughter of another pastor at the same church. Garba forced the girl to have an abortion, so he could hide his affair with her.

Abortion is only allowed in Nigeria if the pregnancy is a threat to the woman’s physical and mental health. It is also allowed either she or the fetus have a life-threatening condition.

The pastor and the doctor friend who performed the abortion have been arrested and are being held in detention.

We have people in this country trying to stop abortions from happening. Anti-choicers read this. If we make abortion illegal again, things like this will happen in the United States even more. Even more girls will die from it.

Our Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, said that women seeking abortions should be punished. We have anti-choice protesters trying to make abortions illegal again. When asked how the women should be punished, one protester said:

“Just pray for them. I don’t think they have to spend time in jail or anything.”

Anti-choicers don’t want women to have full bodily autonomy. We have to get permission to harvest the organs from a dead person, but the anti-choicers want to take away our right to decide when and if we want to get pregnant.

Here is video talking about the abortion crisis in Nigeria:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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