BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Now Says That She Was Also Sexually Harassed By Roger Ailes

Megyn Kelly, one of the biggest stars on Fox News network, is now alleging that CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her, echoing what other female hosts, including Gretchen Carlson, have already stated in lawsuits filed against Ailes.

“New York” magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman says Kelly has shared her allegations with investigators who have been hired by the Murdoch family–owners of Fox News–who are looking into the matter.

Two separate sources informed Sherman:

“Kelly has told investigators that Ailes made unwanted sexual advances towards her about ten years ago when she was a young correspondent at Fox.”

And the story of Ailes gets even more bizarre when you take into consideration this from Sherman’s report: Ailes has allegedly “received advice on strategy from Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani” on how he could overcome the reports of sexual harassment and keep his job.

Earlier this week, it was reported by “New York” magazine that the Murdoch family had already made the decision to insist that Ailes either resign or be fired, but had not set a definite timeline for his departure from the network.

Tellingly, while many Fox News hosts have voiced support for Roger Ailes, Kelly has been silent on the matter of the charges against him. Might that be because she has experience with the matter and was told not to mention it by attorneys?

Whatever happens this week at the GOP convention, the specter of Fox News losing its leader will certainly dampen any celebrations. What will the Republicans do without Roger Ailes to set the agenda for them?

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab