Blaze Host: Black Victims Are Forcing Police To Shoot Them (VIDEO)

 Tomi Lahren, a host on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has blamed Korryn Gaines for her own shooting at the hands of Baltimore County Police, as reported by Raw Story. Lahren, famous for her loudmouthed rants, has said in a recent video that unless black people condemn Black Lives Matter, they’re only getting what’s coming to them.

Pushing the narrative that Black Lives Matter is all about victimhood, Lahren argues that Gaines was provoking the police out of some kind of thirst for fame.

When a Facebook live video, or Instagram post of a police encounter gets you fame, notoriety, and martyrdom, there is every incentive in the world for people like Korynn Gaines to stoke the fire and poke the bear.”

Apparently, we can’t blame the police for the blood on their hands. They’re just being provoked by those mean people of color.

Police were attempting to serve a warrant on Gaines, when an armed standoff began. Gaines recorded the standoff which ended in her death, livestreaming it on Facebook. Her Facebook and Instagram accounts were shut down at the request of the police.

As reported by The Baltimore Sun, two of Gaines’ videos remain offline.  Facebook said that they did not comply with their terms of service.

During the social media blackout, Gaines was killed, leaving a huge gap in the narrative. The police say Gaines threatened them with a shotgun, after which a shootout ensued. During the shooting Gaines, was killed and her five-year-old son injured.

None of the police involved were wearing body cameras, according to The Guardian.

We now face the decision as to whether to believe the police on blind faith, or to question their narrative. Lahren, in her video, urges us to have faith in the police’s conduct during an encounter with a person of color.

When you take the suspect’s word as gospel and bow down to the demands of the Black Lives Matter extremists, this is what you get. A 23-year-old mother of two, dead.”

Gaines and her boyfriend are criminals, they’re instigators — are they really the face of your movement? If not, speak the hell up,”

Lahren ends the article with an incredibly blind rave on how these deaths are all the fault of the troublesome victims of police violence.

The notion that a black suspect can do no wrong and is always the victim is B.S. This doesn’t end well for anyone — anyone. All lives matter, so speak the hell up before this kind of thing starts happening on a regular basis.”

Really? It’s not happening regularly enough already? She continues:

“Is it worth a hashtag and a riot in your name to lose your life? If not, speak the hell up. You’re killing yourselves and your communities, but you’re so caught up in your victimhood and your self-righteous B.S. you don’t see it.”

According to Lahren, we can all rest easy now. Black Lives Matter can simmer down. The deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and Gaines were all just the result of people hungry for fame. Hungry to fulfill a sense of victimhood. I’m glad she could clear all that up.

Featured Image: Screenshot Of Facebook Video.