Hop On A Plane To Spain ASAP! You Won’t Believe This Vending Machine (TWEETS/VIDEO)

A family from the United Kingdom was vacationing in Spain and hanging out on the beach when they made this discovery. They were walking along the street, and they decided to get a snack at a vending machine. They were surprised to find a vending machine selling more than just snacks.

Stuart and Debbie Norris from Sidcup, Kent, U.K., were vacationing in Costa Brava with their two young daughters, 15 and 9. They hid their children’s faces when they saw what was in this vending machine.

This vending machine has sex toys, condoms, and lube. Stuart Norris said:

“Well it is quite shocking, we had to hide the girls’ eyes when we realized what is was. It’s right on the main street so anyone can go over to it. It’s next to another machine selling snacks. We’d only gone over to get a Wagon Wheel.”


The vending machine also offered a lighter and paraphernalia for smoking from a pipe. This machine was out in plain view next to snack machines and drink machines.

Costa Brava is a popular tourist destination for British families. Several parents at the resort said that they don’t believe a sex toy vending machine should be allowed out in plain view with small children. Chill out, people; just tell your kids they are adult things and move on.

This isn’t the only time Costa Brava has made the news recently. One cafe has started charging people more money for their coffee if they are not polite. If you say good morning , the price will only be about $1,40. If you only say please, the price becomes $3. If you don’t say please or thank you or if you are just downright rude the price becomes $7.50.

This sounds like a great resort to me. This machine could provide a spicy way to enjoy your vacation if you happen to be travelling with your partner.

Here is another story dealing with sex toy vending machines:


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