Hillary Clinton Ignores Donald Trump And Gives Moving Speech About People With Disabilities (VIDEOS)

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been told to talk less about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Yesterday, she did just that and gave an amazing speech about people with disabilities.

She was introduced by a friend, Anastasia Somoza, who also gave a beautiful speech at the Democratic National Convention. It contains a beautiful, classy takedown of Donald Trump.

Yesterday, in Orlando Clinton gave a moving speech about how she has been and will continue to fight for people with disabilities. This is a contrast to Trump, who makes fun of people with disabilities.

Clinton argued for people with disabilities, and she said that it will be an important part of her presidency. She acknowledged that the United States isn’t doing enough to protect and serve people with disabilities.

She said:

“We’ve got to face that and do better — for everyone’s sake. Because this really does go to the heart of who we are as Americans.”

“… People with disabilities shouldn’t be isolated. They should be given the chance to work with everyone else. And we’re going to eliminate the subminimum wage, which is a vestige from an ugly, ignorant past.”

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that has come out with a decent, brilliant mental health plan. As someone with a mental illness, this makes me very hopeful. I would love to see the stigma go away. Clinton agrees that mental health is an important part of your overall health. She would like to expand community-based care, so we can have access to housing and job opportunities. She wants police officers to be trained in crisis intervention, so they can effectively help someone who is having a mental health crisis. Hopefully, that will stop disgusting incidents of law enforcement mistreating people having a mental health crisis. The NYPD uses restraining bags, and stuff like that needs to stop.

Here is the entire speech:


Image is a YouTube screengrab. 

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