WATCH: Man Investigated After Pulling Daughter By Hair In Walmart

A man is being investigated by police and Child Protective Services after being seen pulling his young daughter’s hair through a Walmart.

A concerned Texas woman captured photos of the aggressive father violently pulling his daughter’s hair as he pushed his shopping cart through the store.

Erika Burch, a mother of four, became concerned when she heard the little girl pleading with her father to stop pulling her hair.

Burch approached the man and told him to let go of her hair. But the man refused and told Burch to mind her own business. The two Walmart shoppers exchanged words while Burch called the police.

Since Monday the Facebook post has been shared more than 215,000 times.

Along with the mortifying pictures of the child, Burch posted a picture of a Cleveland Police Department business card with Sergeant C. Bartley’s name on the front and the case number on the back. The Facebook post urges others who are against this kind of parenting to take a stand.

The Cleveland Police Department made a statement regarding the investigation.

Burch told the Houston Chronicle;

“I’m just trying to stand up for a little girl who has no voice. I’ve done everything now that I know I can do.”

Burch thanked fellow Facebookers for the positivity she has received for standing up for the young girl.

But she’s also received some ‘hate comments’ for the same. Many people who disagree with Burch are bombarding her personal Facebook photos with criticizing comments about her parenting.

Screenshot Via Burch’s Facebook

Publicly humiliating a child is not discipline. It’s called being a lazy parent!

If this is what a parent does in public, can you imagine what that parent does behind closed doors?