America’s ‘Most Hated’ President Has Record-Breaking Approval Ratings – Here’s Why (VIDEO)

As he nears the end of his last term in office, President Obama has been seen on the campaign trail and at the Democratic National Convention speaking for the benefit of Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Well, the people are listening, and they love him more than ever.

president obama
Image: Screengrab Via YouTube video

As of early October, President Obama has reached the highest approval rating of his second term, and the best rating since his very first year in office, with 55 percent approval.

With over half the country believing in our president, it’s a very powerful statement in favor of keeping the Presidency with the Democratic Party.

It’s interesting to note that President Obama’s poll numbers buck the trend for second-term presidents. While most presidents see an increase in their approval rating only after their successor has been elected, Obama’s rating’s spike has come before the election.

Could this be indicative that the American people believe that Obama’s successor has been practically chosen already? Possibly so.

Not only do Obama’s poll numbers differ from other presidents in the last year of their second term, but there is a stark contrast between them and the poll numbers for our last president, George W. Bush. At this time in 2008, Bush was at a 25 percent approval rating, less than half of what the president has now.

During that election year, we elected a Democrat instead of a Republican. Obama’s high approval rating could be an indication that America will choose to put a Democrat in office again this November.

Another interesting fact about Obama’s approval rating is that while he has remained in the low numbers for Republicans, going from 11 to 13 percent, his approval has skyrocketed with both Democrats and Independents. It sounds like Democrats and Independents are seeing the real threat that Trump poses to the country and are banding together during this election season.

Even though this is good news, it’s no time to get complacent. The only way to be sure we get the right choice for president this November is for all of us to vote.

See Obama on the campaign trail for Clinton here: