WATCH: Clinton Uses Home Movies To Prove That America Is Already Great

Make America Great Again,” isn’t only Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s sing-a-long song anymore.

Now, Trump’s Democratic rival, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is piggybacking off his slogan.

In her latest spot, called “Measure,” Clinton tells us how she believes Americans can truly make America great again.

“How do we measure greatness in America?”

Ooh, I know! Don’t vote for Donald Trump. Clinton continues taunting Trump’s lifestyle:

“The height of our skyscrapers? The size of our bank accounts?”

Nope. It’s all about the little ones. From the looks of her new soft spot, children have got the whole world in their hands.

The family-oriented spot features home-video footage of parents measuring the height of their children.

In other ads approved by Clinton, she uses Trump’s own words to paint a self-portrait of the real scrub he is.

One of the latest anti-Trump ads released by Clinton’s campaign uses the nasty remarks he’s made about women.

The short ad titled “Mirrors,” shows insecure young girls looking at themselves in the mirror edited together with clips of degrading comments Donald Trump has said about women; “she’s a slob,” “she ate like a pig,” and “a person who’s flat-chested—it’s very hard to be a 10.”

As told by an Aide, The Washington Post reports the ad will appear in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The ad will also make its way on national cable stations.

Clinton may have hit a soft spot with suburban families. Clinton vows it is her mission to improve schools, make college affordable, and increase the amount of jobs for Americans.

Watch the new, softer campaign ad here:

Featured Image Via Youtube Screenshot.