BREAKING: Trump Supporters Now Threatening KIDS Of Newsweek Reporter Who Exposed Trump (VIDEO)

After Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald wrote some critical articles about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, his supporters came after Eichenwald and his kids in the most vile way.

The implications go far beyond Eichenwald’s family.

You may recall that Eichenwald recently unearthed some significant national security concerns about a Donald Trump presidency.

From a recent Liberal America post:

“Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald did a deep dive into the Trump Organization’s financial dealings, and discovered that it has a number of deals with ‘global financiers, foreign politicians, and even criminals’ whose foreign policy interests run counter to those of the United States. While there is no evidence of illegal activity on Trump’s part, it doesn’t make these deals any less problematic from a national security perspective. Moreover, many of these deals are structured in such a way that they ‘could not just be canceled’ if Trump wins in November.”

More recently Eichenwald reported that Trump and his company illegally did business in Cuba.

Today, Eichenwald revealed the hideous lengths to which Trump supporters will go in retribution. In addition to an outpouring of death threats and anti-Semitic attacks, one charmer sent Eichenwald a tweet with a video attached.

The video contained the kind of flashing lights that can bring on an epileptic seizure, although the sender, “Mike’s Deplorable AF” apparently deleted it.

Eichenwald had previously written about his struggle with epilepsy in a column criticizing Trump supporter and Fox News host Sean Hannity for degrading epilepsy sufferers with bogus accusations that Hillary Clinton has had seizures. So it’s hard not to believe that the Trump-supporting tweeter had not deliberately tried to evoke a seizure in Eichenwald.

That was deplorable enough…

But Trump devotees have also threatened Eichenwald’s children:

“One Trump fan mentioned he knew which schools my children attended, and correctly named them. Topping it off, some Trump fans have even gone after one of my sons online, although he knew enough to immediately block them.”

Eichenwald wrote that he is no stranger to hateful blowback from controversial articles. But for the first time, he said, he and his family discussed whether he should continue to investigate Trump’s finances.

To their credit, they unanimously decided the stakes are too high to quit now.

Then, shortly after the story published, Eichenwald tweeted:

Those stakes go beyond the question of relaying important information about a man who may become president. They go to the very heart of who and what we are as a country. Eichenwald said about his ordeal:

“This is not an unavoidable consequence of a contentious political campaign. This is exceptional, a circumstance brought about by the gutter rants of Donald Trump and his refusal to condemn the racists, neo-Nazis and other deplorables who support him. That our country has reached this point, where the line between modern American political supporters and Hitler’s brownshirts is becoming thinner by the day, is unacceptable. That GOP candidates have stood by and allowed this ugliness to flourish without aggressively condemning their candidate for what he has set loose, simply because they are seeking re-election or fear losing their jobs at the mid-terms, will stain the Republican Party for decades.”


Watch a chilling video of Trump’s history of encouraging violence below, via the New York Times:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via New York Times Video.

Ellen Brodsky is a long time blogger for and a contributor to Crooks and Liars. She has also worked as a researcher for Brave New Films' landmark documentary, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" and "Iraq for Sale."