Internet FREAKS OUT As Jimmy John’s Starts Tweeting About ‘Ass Eating’ (TWEETS)

The Internet is going crazy over Jimmy John’s response to a customer who tweeted a comparison between eating ass and Jimmy John’s subs.

The tweeter, @WeNotSocks, came out with a statement that openly admitted that he had eaten ass that tasted better than the famous sandwich maker’s subs. Though we appreciate the tweeter’s candor, it may have been a little too much information. What is even more hilarious is Jimmy John’s response and how inappropriate doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary.

Via Jimmy John’s/Twitter

For those that follow Jimmy John’s on Twitter know that their tweets are never what you would expect from a chain restaurant of that caliber. It seems that, though they take some heat for their less than amazing sandwiches, commentators throughout the company keep a pretty awesome sense of humor.

Via Jimmy John’s/Twitter

I mean I can remember doing this exact thing when someone asked me if there were any cupcakes left. And come on Jimmy, you know you’re always the big spoon!

Via Jimmy John’s/Twitter
Via Jimmy John’s/Twitter

At least we know that this fast food franchise doesn’t take life too seriously. However, the last thing I want to think about when eating a sandwich is analingus and spooning with Jimmy John.

It is nice to know that no matter what sort of kinky things patrons are into, Jimmy John’s won’t be on the list of people judging our choices.

Maybe Trump should employ the company to handle his Twitter account; it may be a little more entertaining to watch. Actually, I take that back; he does a good enough job making a fool of himself as it is.

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