JUST IN: Reuters Predicts Next POTUS With CRAZY Number Of Electoral Votes

According to the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation study, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is on her way to a huge win this Election Day.

The study, released on Sunday, projects that Hillary will win 326 electoral votes.

This will put Trump’s win at 212.

If the election were held this week, Hillary would have a 95% chance of winning, which is a staggering revelation. Only 17 days before the General Election, Clinton is leading in states that Trump would have to win in order to even have a chance.

The States

The study listed some of the states  that are revealing a heavy Hillary lead as: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nevada. Arizona and Ohio are still too close to call.

The only way that Trump would win is if Republican turnout was significantly heavier than the Democratic.

What Does She Need To Win?

The figure that Hillary would need to win overall sits at 270 electoral votes.

In another poll, conducted by the Wall Street Journal via SurveyMonkey, 15 battleground states were also found in Hillary’s favor.

This particular poll was conducted prior to the State of the Nation poll, and found that Ohio and Florida were still too close. These have now been allocated to Hillary.

The Upward Trend

Polls have been consistently going in Hillary’s favor since Trump started opening his mouth in September. She has consistently lead with a seven-point average.

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