Want To Leave America? This (HOT) Swedish Guy Offers Marriage For $50K (VIDEO)

Well, now.

As we look for silver linings to the horror that was our presidential election, as we wring our hands and wipe our tears and desperately try to find a positive spin, we can look to those wonderful romance novels for inspiration.

No, I’m not suggesting that you grab a Nora Roberts novel, a bag of Oreos and a bottle of Kahlua and settle under the covers for the next four years. Although that does sound pretty tempting.

No, what I have for you here is something far more balanced and healthy.

We all know that this election has sparked a sharp uptick in the number of people who want to flee the country. In fact, so many people wanted to run away to the safety of our northern neighbor that Canada’s immigration website crashed within two hours of Trump’s victory on Nov. 8.

A lot of American celebrities are declaring their desire to leave the country now that the presidential election is over and we face the reality of a Trump America.

Of course, these celebrity A-listers will have no trouble renting a house in Tuscany until our national nightmare if over. But what about the rest of us, stuck here in a post Trumpocalyptic reality?

One (very, very good looking) young man from Sweden has decided to offer a helping hand, in return for a big check.

Gustav Hallen is a 30 year old man from Stockholm, Sweden. Seeing a golden opportunity in the tragic American election, he decided to make the best of things. The golden haired young man has placed himself on eBay, asking $50,ooo for the chance to marry him and escape the Trump reality.

His listing said:

“US just become the land of the free to leave. Why not move to a better place? Like Sweden. Open for all suggestions female, male and others. Likes long walks and Netflix and chill.”

He sounds like a pretty cool guy, right?

He also looks like a pretty hot….I mean “cool” guy. ┬áHe describes himself as having “some weather damages and minor eye problems. But overall good physical health and a fine specimen.”

A fine specimen indeed, ladies and gentlemen!

Unfortunately for those who are not, like me, happily married 60 year old grandmothers, the ad was taken down rather quickly by eBay, who failed to get the joke.

When the handsome young specimen was asked what he would have done if someone had met his offer, he replied,

“Then I would have to figure out how to tell my Mom and Dad.”

See? He was a real keeper.

Seeing his face almost made the whole election trauma worth it.

You can see more here.


Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

Karen is a retired elementary school teacher with many years of progressive activism behind her. She is the proud mother of three young adults who were all arrested with Occupy Wall Street. To see what she writes about in her spare time, check out her blog at "Empty Nest, Full Life"