Racist George Zimmerman Yells ‘N***er Lover,’ Falsely Accuses Black Man Of Assault (VIDEO)

Fortunately, George Zimmerman didn’t pull out a gun when he had his latest racist meltdown. This one happened at a cigar bar after the manager took the side of a Black man Zimmerman claimed assaulted him.

According to Orlando’s WKMG, Zimmerman was already a persona non grata at a Florida cigar bar when he became belligerent toward a Black man and accused him of assault. The manager told deputies he wanted Zimmerman banned from the bar.

Featured Image Via WKMG ClickOrlando Video.
Featured Image Via WKMG ClickOrlando Video.

“Before Zimmerman left the bar, he told the manager, ‘I didn’t know you were a (racial expletive) lover,’ deputies said. There were also reports of Zimmerman’s friends using racial slurs toward other customers throughout the night.”

In what’s becoming a familiar pattern with Zimmerman, he blamed his own bad behavior on a Black man. In this case, Zimmerman claimed the man had hit him twice on the shoulder after Zimmerman said he wanted to be left alone.

But surveillance video showed quite a different story, deputies found.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

A bar video of the incident showed that the black man, Floyd L. Narcisse, 38, of Deltona, had extended his hand to Zimmerman, as if to shake it, and when Zimmerman refused, patted him twice on his left arm, the report said.

It appeared as if he was attempting to engage in a friendly gesture with Zimmerman as a reasonable person would do,’ the report states.”

This is eerily reminiscent of Zimmerman’s infamous fatal shooting of unarmed Black teenager Trayvon Martin. In a case that captured national attention, Zimmerman was acquitted of murder based on his claim of self-defense.

Don’t you wish there had been surveillance video when Zimmerman killed Martin?

I suspect the verdict would have been quite different had that been that case.

Watch this news clip of the cigar bar incident for more information:

Featured Image Via WKMG ClickOrlando Video.

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