Hate Goes To Class: KKK Recruitment Placard Found At Minnesota High School

A wooden placard with the message “The KKK Wants You’ was found in a classroom at Irondale High School, a suburban school just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

School officials said the placard, which was approximately the size of a Post-It note, was apparently placed by a student who has been identified and, “We’re dealing with the student appropriately.”

In a mock election held at the school earlier this month, Hillary Clinton was the overwhelming choice of students. But since the election, racist graffiti has been found at Maple Grove High and Spring Lake Park High, both of which are located near Irondale High. At Maple Grove the graffiti was found in a bathroom on a door and toilet paper dispenser in the girls’ restroom. Graffiti was also found in a restroom at Spring Lake Park.

Irondale is taking the matter seriously, creating talking circles where students can discuss their fears and their hope for equality for all. They’ve also encouraging students to post positive, inclusive messages on the walls around the school.

Syndee Hanson, a student at Irondale High, remarked:

“Words of love and care and kind things about our student body and we posted them all over the school; there was a huge turnout which was amazing and such an incredible feeling.”

Maple Grove High is also actively working to battle against the messages of hate with positive and uplifting themes. Students handed out snacks and encouraging notes while other students painted a rock outside the school with the message, “Love Will Conquer All.”

Featured Image Via KKK Website Screengrab