4 Ways To Defend Being Liberal To Your Conservative Family Members On Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

While politics always brings out the more spirited side of people, it’s safe to expect those feelings to be a bit more intense this Thanksgiving. With these four defenses of the Liberal, progressive philosophy, you can stand your ground when the conversation gets political, and vehemently defend your beliefs if things get ugly.

There are Far More Liberals In The U.S. Than Conservatives

If you’re politically outnumbered at your family feast this year, you can at least know that you’re on the more popular side nationally.

Not only are most media sources, colleges, and celebrities proudly Liberal, but so are the majority of average American citizens.

If you remember, the only way that the last two Republican presidents, George W. Bush. and President-elect Donald Trump, won the election was via the Electoral College. Democratic Nominee, former Vice President Al Gore would have been president if the popular vote was the deciding factor, and as of today, former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton still leads Trump by over two million votes.

If you’re Liberal, you not only have human equality and ethics on your side, but greater numbers as well.

Educated People Are Overwhelmingly Liberal

From scientists to professors, many educated jobs are completely filled with Liberals. In fact, entire studies have been done to find out why academia is mostly comprised of Liberals.

On a primal level, the link between education and Liberalism makes sense. As humans, all of us can identify with fear, anger, and the desire to get ahead at the expense of others. However, we’re taught by our parents, schools, and society to be civilized and accepting of different people. The same qualities that make people open-minded and intelligent, also make them progressive.

This desire for constant progress for the good of humanity is a distinct trait of both Liberals and the highly-educated.

By Definition, Liberals Are Freethinkers

Whether their favorite church or the Alt-right movement, Conservatives who are indoctrinated into a system, religion, cult, or other such restricting mindset take a lot of pride in that system. When someone steps out of it and starts thinking for themselves, traditional Conservatives don’t like it.

The word Liberalism is a variation on liberty, and literally implies that you’re a freethinker.

It’s a well-known saying from Charlie Dent that:

“…Freedom comes at a price.”

Although usually applied to justify war, the statement is true for Liberals as well. By daring to favor progress, science, and human rights over greed and control, fearful and hateful people will judge you, and will try to convince you of why your individualism is wrong.

If berated for being Liberal this Thanksgiving, know that you’re joining the ranks of history’s great freethinkers. Presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Obama have set the example by standing up in the face of ignorance, racism, and hatred for the good of humanity.

Progress Is Necessary For Survival

Arguably, the most important reason to be a proud Liberal is that throughout history, progress has been vital to survival.

A prime example of this can be found in a major event in American history. The main reason the North won the American Civil War was because they attracted more people, were the first to build factories, and were able to resupply troops at a faster rate. If not for the North’s rapid acceptance of progress, who knows what the state of equality would be in 2016.

No matter how much adversity progressives face, it’s important to know that clinging to ancient traditions will not leave America stronger, but at a severe disadvantage. This willingness to strive towards progress is a fundamental value of Liberalism, and remains its strongest hope for the future.

Watch this video for a more in depth look at the differences between Liberalism and Conservatism —

Featured Image Via Wikimedia Commons Via Public Domain.