Butthurt Trump Fans Vow To Boycott Coke For Superbowl Ad Showing Diversity Of America (TWEETS/VIDEO)

The snowflake racists were strong on social media during the Super Bowl. Some people were generally butthurt that companies are pro-human, especially Coca Cola. Some of the cringe-worthy comments were outlined by Mic:

 “People dropped anti-Semitic conspiracies about the soft-drink industry — ‘You were drinking the Jew all along no matter what brand you pick,’ read one message — and asked fellow users to ‘take the waterpill and remove soda,’ a reference to the mind-opening ‘red pill’ from The Matrix. They vowed to avoid any Coke-owned beverage — and LaCroix, which is not owned by Coca-Cola, but which one person called ‘flavored Jew water’ anyway. Another called Mexicans the ‘enemy,’ advising others to not support a company that sympathizes with immigrants.”


The Coca-Cola advertisement really seemed to get their panties in a twist.


Of course, the irony of these ignorant Trumpster tweets is that they seem to validate the need of sane Americans to promote equality. The hateful right is so racist that any diversity whatsoever makes them expose themselves to the world for the deplorable people that make up Trump’s base. They illustrate the very thing that requires a resistance in the first place.

The majority of America celebrated along with the creators of the coke ad. People found the celebration of diversity to be inspiring. As USA Today reported:

“If you’re looking for rousing multi-cultural American patriotism, this year’s Super Bowl ads are serving up a lot of it.

But Coca-Cola’s international sing-a-long to “America the Beautiful” that ran pregame is actually a throwback. The commercial originally aired in 2014 and had the same strong reaction then.

The commercial starts with a man riding a horse in a mountain range, then young girls watching a movie, then west coast surfers and city street dancers. The famous song is sung in multiple languages, which switch in and out between verses.”

 It’s worth another look. Watch the full commercial below.


Featured image from YouTube video.


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