Liberals Use Comedy To Keep Their Sanity While Trump Loses His (VIDEOS)

News outlets are beginning to notice a pattern among liberals. We are seeking out comedic relief daily. You can’t really blame us. The daily monsoon of Trumpisms and idiocy streaming from the White House can be overwhelming. Those of us in the #Resistance need to take care of ourselves physically and mentally. Nothing helps achieve mental wellness quite like collectively laughing at the buffoon in the Oval Office.

After the election, the majority of the country went through a mourning process. As BBC reported:

“When Trump’s victory first became apparent, many US comedians didn’t want to laugh at all: comedy filmmaker Judd Apatow tweeted on election night, ‘One thing I do not want to watch right now – comedy about any of this.’ The first broadcast of satirical show Saturday Night Live (SNL) after the election featured cast member Kate McKinnon as failed candidate Hillary Clinton seriously singing a mournful version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Even the comedy show didn’t have the heart to laugh.”

Some comedians were visibly shaken. We all know that Trump is a petty toddler that retaliates against anyone who is against him. Comedians started to feel concerned about retaliation. People like Bill Maher were rightfully disturbed by the election results since the #WhineyLittleBitch who once sued him for jokes now had the full power of governmental agencies in his tiny hands.

After a period of mourning something happened. People woke up. America got angry and mobilized. Comedians began calling out the bullshit…and boy did they ever.

Political comedians have a plethora of material in our current environment. Late night hosts and political commentators are at their best recently. Whether it be nightly visits from Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, weekly indulgences from Bill Maher and Saturday Night Live, or liberal stand-up shows, one need not look far for a like-minded individual saying everything that you have been thinking.

So, sit back and allow us to treat you to a cerebral spa from the genius comedians that are making all of this bearable.


Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video

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