Barack Obama: From President To Rock Star (TWEETS)

Let’s face it: Obama has moved on without us, and it hurts. We’ve seen him sailing the ocean seas and and sharing hot tubs with smiling individuals. He’s been on a post-presidential vacation, and he is, quite literally, glowing. He looks happy, he looks healthy, and he looks content.

Without us.

What happened, America? Where in the world did we go wrong? When did we decide that the majority of the country has gotten tired of this:

And, instead, wanted this?

While the worst trade deal in the history of our country is now fully and completely taking the reins, that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten the absolute blessing that was Obama. We mourn the loss of him and beg him back to our house, almost as if we went on a jealous streak, yelled atĀ him to get out, and are now in the process of leaving him dozens of voice messages about how sorry we are for the way we acted.

At any rate, Obama has officially ended his presidency and entered a status not many people achieve in their lifetime.

Barack Obama has become a rock star.

Just look at the way people lined up to catch of glimpse of him as he was getting coffee. In the background, you can even see individuals scaling the scaffolding to get a glimpse of him!

Seriously. So many people caught this on their phones.

We even have the slightly blurry wave picture!

Our ex of presidential proportions has moved on from his previous dedicationĀ and is dipping his toes in cooler, clearer waters. And we’re happy for him. We love seeing our main man happy.

But we can’t help but mourn our loss.

Obama, we will always have our memories.

Too bad you can’t run a country on memories.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.