Former FBI And CIA Agents Reveal The Secret Of How To Tell If Someone Is Lying (VIDEO)

Do you ever wonder how to tell if someone is lying to you? A Former FBI agent and a former CIA agent weighed in on the topic.

FBI Agent

The first sign the FBI agent gave was that someone would twist the context of their statements. If they won’t answer a simple yes or no question, then you know something is up.

Another sign is if they begin their explanation with “Well…” That is a sign that they are about to give an answer that they think you are not expecting. Also, if someone can’t simply tell you, “I’m telling the truth,” then that is not a good sign. They may say, “I’m an honest person,” but they won’t be able to simply say they are telling the truth.

These signs may not be 100-percent accurate, but they do help. According to the Muse article:

“These methods do not detect deception with 100% certainty, but they do provide a strong indicator to determine if someone is being truthful or not. If a person answers questions directly, you can have confidence that the answer is truthful and that the person will not be aware that you have tested their veracity, thus preserving the integrity of ongoing relationships.”

CIA Agent

The CIA agent gave six signs to tell if someone is lying to you. The first is if they pause a lot or delay while they are talking. Another sign is that they will give conflicting verbal and non-verbal behaviors. What they’re saying may not match their body language.

The person may try to hide their mouth or eyes when they know they aren’t telling truth. Additionally, they may clear their throat a lot. They may also fidget or touch their face a lot. They may also play with their hair or do other similar grooming-type gestures.

Here are some more signs to look out for when trying to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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