Nice Spell-Checking From The White House Staff — Secretary of ‘Educatuon’ (TWEETS/VIDEO)

The White House Snapchat sent out a sweet-looking, probably staged publicity shot of Betsy DeVos and they misspelled “education.” Does anyone do any spell-checking at the White House? Apparently not.

It almost seems fitting considering she doesn’t know anything about school or public education.

As The Hill reported:

“This is the first White House Easter Roll for President Trump and his wife, Melania, who continued the tradition of opening the South Lawn to thousands of children who are selected through a lottery process.”

“Celebrities and politicians regularly make cameos for the annual event.”

Screenshot via The Hill

Twitter obviously had a field day with this unfortunate typo.

Some blatantly criticized it:

This one probably looks right to Betsy.

True. This explains it.

Trump hired a great one, here.

Another great theory.

Some used the opportunity to point out the incompetence in the White House Easter plans.

Betsy DeVos’ Twitter account has yet to say anything about this blunder.

Gizmodo presented a great theory behind this blunder:

“The official White House Snapchatter was doing the social media version of blinking out ‘help me’ in Morse code while under duress, subliminally sending the message that DeVos is a flagrantly unqualified pick for Secretary of Education.”

Here is the video of her reading to children:

Featured image via Twitter.

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Image from imgflp
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