New York State House Passes Single Payer Healthcare Bill (VIDEO)

Finally some good news, New York State has voted to pass single payer healthcare. While we have the ‘steal from the poor and give to the rich’ Republicans in Washington, actual progress has been made on the state level. The bill has passed in the lower house, but it is still to face the Senate.

Citizen Action of New York board president Ivette Alfonso has asked senators:

“to prove once and for all they are with the people and against [President Donald] Trump.”


“As the radical right wing in Washington try to disguise a $500 billion dollar tax cut for the super-rich and insurance giants as a healthcare bill, the New York State Assembly is leading the way with the only kind of healthcare bill that will put people before profits, and make healthcare what it should be, a human right.”

Registered nurse and lobbyist for the bill, Jill Furillo has said:

“But with this vote, the Assembly recognizes that New York is ready to move forward, not backwards, and put in place a system that makes patient need the priority and says no to health insurance gatekeepers.We salute the Assembly and urge the Senate to do the same.”

This is by far not the first way in which New York state is showing itself to be much further progressive than Washington. In April they also voted for tuition-free college.

Health care in this country cannot remain a mere way of lining big pharma’s pockets. The people are finally seeing that the richest nation in the world cannot stand by and let people die simply because they do not have enough money for insurance.

At last the people are standing up and saying ‘enough is enough.’ They can see that so many other first world countries have universal healthcare and are rightly asking “Why not us?

Hats off to New York State for moving towards this humanitarian goal.

Watch Alfonso speaking in the past about Citizen Action of New York:


Featured image via YouTube.