Tomi Lahren Throws Down The ‘Fame’ Card – Demands To Cut Line At Restaurant (VIDEO)

Politicon was held recently and saw many well known, loud, and opposing political voices come together for debates. It saw The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygar face off with Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter versus Ana Kasparian, and Chelsea Handler sat down with Tomi Lahren.

Lahren is a famous right-wing spokesman known for summing up all Muslims as extremists and constantly trying to create an ‘us and them’ narrative.

Interestingly Lahren and her entourage popped into a restaurant before the debate. According to a YouTube clip, Lahren attempted to play the fame card by demanding to be given special treatment. The story was revealed on The Jimmy Dore show on YouTube with Ron Placone, who is a regular on the show, saying that his friend who worked at the restaurant in question, recounted the story on social media. The way it said to have played out was that Lahren’s entourage wanted to skip the queue because she had something important to get to.

That was only half the story. The social media post revealed on the show also said that her entourage mixed up two non-white waitresses, one being Asian and the other being Latino.

The post read like this:

“Having Tomi Lahren come into my place of work to eat before her #politicon debate put a big damper on my day…. But watching her entourage get upset because we told them that they couldn’t bypass the wait time made up for it.  BUT having said entourage mix me up with another petite, tan girl (trying to accuse me I told them otherwise) was the best part of it all.”

This behavior is hardly surprising to anyone. Lahren comes across as someone who is entitled, a person who is short on compassion, and one who is self-important. She probably did expect to push to the front of the line.

In her debate with Chelsea Handler, she then went on to share her views on issues like healthcare, which just reinforced her image as both uncaring and selfish when it comes to others.





Featured image via YouTube.