Michelle Obama Is On Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List, Melania Is NOT — And Trumpers Are P*SSED

Melania Trump is not what most expect when they think about the wife of America’s commander in chief. Then again, Donald Trump certainly isn’t who the majority of Americans wanted to be the commander in chief. Nevertheless, unless D.C. lawmakers rally together to oust the guy, they’ll be there for at least the next few years.

Though there is little the average person can do about the fact that the Trumps are in the White House, that doesn’t mean people can’t still reflect on the Trump’s, pre-Election 2016. Donald was [still is] a sheisty billionaire, and Melania, well no one really knows what she was. What is certain about the latter is that there are pictures that are worth more than a thousand words that don’t paint the so-called First Lady in the most sophisticated light, especially given the Republican party’s stance on being wholesome and whatnot.

The pictures below comprise just a few of those that legit make a person wonder how in the world the Trumps were ever seen as serious contenders for residence in the White House:

Then there were the Obamas. Elegant, poised, and classy in all they did, President Barack and First Lady Michelle knew they had to be above average. And boy, were they! From their oratorical skills to the chic manner in which they dressed, the Obamas truly embody what it means to be dignitaries.

Though President Obama is debonair, it was always First Lady Michelle who stole and continues to steal the show. With her chiseled physique and tall frame, Mrs. Obama always seems to give just the right combination of sexy, sassy, and classy.

Mrs. Obama is such a class-act that it appears that Vanity Fair recently took note of some ways in which Melania Trump may be taking cues from her predecessor. Trump should model after someone more reasonable than herself. She always seems to appear out of place and never seems to settle into a look that allows her to present as comfortable and confident.

It’s probably Melania’s knack for looking out of place and Michelle Obama’s habit of being well put together, that landed Obama a spot on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List. Boy, are Trump fans ticked off. Funny, right?

Like only Trump supporters can, they took to social media to share their utter dissatisfaction regarding what they feel is Melania having been snubbed:

Check out the delusions on this guy:

The world, Seany Boy? Really?

This hater even likened the gorgeous Mrs. Obama to “Michael,” a man:

Just goes to show you that hypocritical Trump supporters will quickly forget that their candidate for best dressed, once made a name for herself by getting undressed, if it means she gets to one up Michelle Obama.

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.