MSNBC’s Joy Reid Leaves Female Trump Apologist DUMBFOUNDED With One Simple Question

This week, a conservative guest on MSNBC’s AM Joy had a very tough time spinning out a defense for Donald Trump’s record on women’s issues after host Joy Reid stumped her with just a straightforward question.

In the wake of the most recent Donald Trump administration scandal involving the now-former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter and allegations brought forth by two of his ex-wives who claim the staffer physically abuse them during their marriages, several female conservatives have signed up for damage control duty on various media outlets. Former Nevada Republican Party Chair Amy Tarkanian was one such pundit who was tasked with defending Trump’s handling of the Porter scandal.

Reid began by listing some Trump associates who were accused of violence against women and then pressed Tarkanian on why Trump seems drawn to those types of men.

“If it was just Rob Porter, you know, General Kelly knew about this last fall,” Reid began. “Seeing that photo one would think if you’re a person of conscience, that photo alone would give you pause about having them stay in place. But you haven’t had just Rob Porter. Donald Trump himself multiple times has been accused of sexual misconduct.”

“Not found guilty but accused,” Tarkanian interjected.

But Tarkanian’s weak argument did little to slow the host down as she was just getting warmed up.

“Steve Bannon and Andrew Puzder, who had to withdraw as the nominee for Secretary of Labor, and David Sorenson, the speechwriter that is now gone,” Reid persisted. “You have Steve Wynn, the finance chief of the RNC. It goes on and on and on. I guess my question to you as a woman, as a Republican woman: what does it say to you that your party is cultivating so many of these men and Donald Trump defends them all?”

Wobbling worse than an uneven three-legged stool, Tarkanian gamely tried to refute Reid’s assertion that Trump only defended abusers, however, her answer was less than convincing.

“Well, I don’t know if he necessarily defends them all, he says lives are being destroyed,” Tarkanian deflected before adding, “Who’s he defending? He said you need to be careful because a lot of these — these are allegations not everyone has been found guilty. You have to be careful.”

Reid smelled blood.

“Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Republican ones, right?” Reid pressed.

“I wouldn’t say that. I would hope that –,” Tarkanian attempted before the AM Joy host cut her off.

The host then stunned the former Republican chair with a question that left her fumbling uncomfortably for excuses.

“Well, when has he ever stood up for women against an abusive man?” Reid persisted. “Can you name any instance when he stood up to a Republican man accused of abusing women, just one?”

“I don’t talk to him on a regular basis,” Tarkanian replied with a nervous laugh but was unable to provide a name.

Ried’s other guests then joined in on what had become an intellectual beatdown of a thoroughly unprepared Trump apologist.

“This is the problem,” conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin blurted. “You have women like Amy go on television and defend the president. And he seizes upon this and his supporters seize upon this and the pattern repeats itself because they get away with it. As long as you have Republican women like Amy, like Concerned Women for America, who want something out of this president whether it’s judges or whether it’s discrimination against gays, whatever it is that they want — they make excuses for him and they have to stop it.”

That exchange was a prime example of why Trump tries to avoid real journalists like the plague. Even Trump knows that he can’t answer specific questions, like why he’s so chummy with so many abusers. Thus the president merely avoids venues where he’d most likely encounter those inquiries.

However, Trump’s days of stroking his ego on comfortable platforms like Fox News may be numbered. Because, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose questions most would agree are far more consequential than a progressive TV show host, may soon leave him with little choice but to answer some very uncomfortable and perhaps impeachable questions.

It’s too bad that special occasion won’t be televised. I guess we’ll just have to settle for watching his supporters continue to sell their souls while making complete fools of themselves defending the indefensible presidency of Donald Trump.

Featured image via YouTube.