Stoneman Douglas Kids Give Inside Glimpse Of Life After A Mass Shooting (TWEETS)

It’s been a long two months for the kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. They watched 14 of their classmates and three of their teachers get gunned down on Valentine’s Day.

Most of these kids grew up having to deal with active shooter drills from elementary school onward, and seeing it happen in real time turned many of them into activists for gun control. In the last two months, kids like Emma Gonzalez, David and Lauren Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Sarah Chadwick, Delaney Tarr, and Jaclyn Corin have become household names.

The kids have had an extra week to heal, since they’ve been out on spring break, along with most of the nation. They returned to school Monday, and many of them took to Twitter to show what life is like for the mass shooting generation.

Just before going to bed on Sunday night, Chadwick revealed some of the new security measures that were going to greet her in the morning.

The backpacks will be provided free of charge, and will be the only backpacks allowed on school property. While they can still bring sports equipment or band instruments in opaque bags or cases, those are subject to search.

Additionally, there were only four entry points available from 7 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. After 7:45, the only way in was through the front office. Extra Broward County deputies and state troopers will be on hand for security.

Tarr snapped a picture of what the entrance looked like as she arrived to start the last quarter of her senior year.

Tarr also showed off her new clear backpack.

But at least Tarr has only two months to deal with this. Lauren Hogg, a freshman, has to face this for three more years. And she’s not happy.

In what has become typical fashion for these kids, they managed to find a way to use this to dunk on their critics again. Chadwick and some of her friends still have the “price tags” they wore at the March for Our Lives as a swipe at their home-state Senator, Marco Rubio. So they tied them around their new clear backpacks and used them to troll Rubio again.

In case you missed it, they figured that they’re only worth $1.05 to Rubio–a figure they got from dividing the $3.3 million in NRA donations and advertising money Rubio has received over the years divided by the 3.1 million public and private school kids in Florida.

Can anyone look at these tweets and seriously say that these kids are “crisis actors” at worst, and unwitting mouthpieces for gun-hating libruls at best? And can anyone seriously say that these kids shouldn’t have walked out when they want to be able to come home from school alive?

If you want to know why these kids are marching and why they aren’t going away any time soon, this is why.

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