Oregon Governor Candidate: Gay Marriage ‘Just The Same As Murder’ (VIDEO)

Image from Oregon Live
Image from Oregon Live

It’s tempting to think of Oregon as one of the most liberal states in the country and in many ways, it is, but like all states, it has its share of crack-pots and the latest is a GOP candidate for Governor, Lorraine Mae Rafferty, who equates not just abortion to murder, but also gay marriage.

Looking like a character from a bad Saturday Night Live sketch, Rafferty dons the stereotypical uptight librarian silver-colored bun, no makeup, mousy voice and modest dress. She originates from “one of the most conservative states in the union,” Idaho. She also considers herself the most conservative candidate in the race.

Rafferty has never run for office, but she is “very very concerned about the choices that we have for governor right now.” One objection she has is to Democratic candidate, Dennis Richardson and his “Made in Oregon,” plan, which is designed to balance trade and bring jobs back to Oregon. Rafferty, it appears, doesn’t want “Chinese” jobs in Oregon (what do you want to bet that she believes that Stephen Colbert is racist against Asians?).

When asked about gay marriage, which is expected to be on the ballot this time around, she said, ?I would have to say that I definitely believe that that is wrong,? she said. ?I believe it’s a sin, just the same as murder’s a sin.?

As for the other hot button issue – abortion? ?I believe that would be murder. I’m against abortion. I think it’s kind of misunderstood. People don’t really understand and, you know, I wish that people, if I become governor, I think that would be one of my things, that maybe some kind of an education thing to ? maybe even if I payed for it out of my own pocket ? to try to get people to understand that, um, a baby in the womb is a human being.?

Her one plan (other than to keep other people from?having rights) is to offer tax breaks to American businesses (we don’t want foreigners creating jobs for Americans) that don’t compete with Oregonian businesses.