Idiot Of The Year Joni Ernst Speaks And I’m Furious

Less than 24 hours ago the question, “Who the hell is Joni Ernst?” was answered.? Now that her nonsensical bumbling State Of The Union rebuttal and Wikipedia?has revealed who she is, I’m going to reveal what she is. Joni Ernst is the classic “down to earth” representative the GOP throws at the lower middle class in an attempt to fool them into believing the GOP wants to help them. She grew up poor and defends policies that will make you poor too. Talk about not making sense. She also proposed eliminating the Department of Education. Well, I guess thats the only way she can create a political base dumb enough to vote for her. G-d forbid she ever runs for president.

Joni Ernst. By Gina Whang via Wikimedia Commons

She kept up her pathetic attempt to pander to lower middle class Americans by saying:

“You see, growing up, I had only one good pair of shoes.?So on rainy school days, my mom would slip plastic bread bags over?them to keep them dry but I was never embarrassed.?Because the school bus would be filled with rows and rows of young Iowans with bread bags slipped over?their?feet”.

So basically, the solution is to give more to Wall Street, privatize everything, and raise the Tax burden on working families so their children will have only one good pair of shoes instead of making it easier for them to prosper? Wow! I honestly don’t believe there is a word for this kind of stupidity.

I think the only people who are just as dumb as her are the GOP for digging her up to do the rebuttal for the State of the Union.? I do recall several years ago when the GOP tried putting a certain folksy, down to earth woman on their pedestal, and it failed miserably. Now, they are going for the same insanity again. In a way, that’s a good thing because this is like self sabotage for the Republicans. We just have to put up with listening to her spew word vomit from her mouth.

Regardless, congratulations Joni Ernst. You’ve won the Idiot of the Year Award.


Dave Christopher resides in Harlem with his partner actress and musician Carla Ogden.Together they are dedicated to many progressive causes. He is a fan of the New York Giants and a professional wrestling enthusiast. He loves music and biking.