Anti-LGBT Bus Driver Fired for Refusing to Drive Rainbow Bus

Image courtesy of CBC News

An anti-LGBT bus driver in Calgary, Canada was fired for Nazi imagery on social media, among other things.

How Not to Impress your Employer 101: During your city’s Pride Week, when there is exactly one bus (out of hundreds of buses) decorated with a rainbow that says, “Ride with Pride,” go to the local media and pitch a tantrum about your beliefs, threatening to quit if you are asked to drive the rainbow bus. That’s what anti-LGBT bus driver, Jesse Rau did.

Yes, you heard that right: he hadn’t even been asked to drive the rainbow bus. This bus driver refused to drive a bus that nobody had asked him to drive!

He claimed to have been “put in a corner” by the bus’s decorations– his Christian beliefs apparently prevent him from providing affordable public transportation in a multicolored vehicle, thus he would have to resign his union job should his name happen to fall beside the Pride bus on the schedule. Allow me to repeat: He was not at any point asked to drive the bus.

A few days later, he claimed he was being “sabotaged” for having a complaint filed against him for texting and driving. Of course, he denied the charge, and assumed that it was someone who is angry about his loud refusal to go along with the “homosexual agenda.” Or, you know, he could have been texting and driving.

Then it gets good: Since Rau is unapologetic about his anti-LGBT conservative beliefs, and since he doesn’t see any problem with going public, he has turned to his personal Facebook page to blast his hate. He allegedly posted an image of a rainbow flag juxtaposed with a swastika along with the word “Homofascism.” He had also allegedly posted an image of a Nazi shooting a Jew. Apparently Rau missed Jesus’s entreaties to be kind and nonjudgmental, and his Bible must have extra verses about how Christians are allowed to say anything they want without repercussion.

Rau is part of a vocal church in Calgary that considers homosexuals to be Satan’s minions.

Calgary’s 25th Pride parade went off without a hitch, with thousands in attendance.