Evangelicals Lay Hands On Trump In Closed-Door Prayer Ritual And It’s Awkward As Hell

GOP superstar and billionaire Donald Trump claims to be a Christian. Whether or not he is doesn’t concern me at all. I’m far more concerned about other aspects about him (his insanity, for example). But faith is important to right wingers. They genuinely feel a president has to be a Christian.

The Donald may be a Christian, but he was VISIBLY uncomfortable with what happened in a recent closed-door prayer meeting. The pic that says it all:


You’ve got to see this video. These people even ask that the Lord “bring into his life a strong African American who can stand with him and represent that community.” Also, watch at :56 when he awkwardly pats a lady’s hand (Donald, you’re not supposed to do that when they’re laying on hands).


Some of the things they said…

“And we thank you and praise you, for a BOLD man, a STRONG man, and an OBEDIENT man.”

“And any tongue that rises against him will be condemned, according to the word of God.”

Again, wow. Well my tongue is for sure condemned, then!

I’ve got to say this, if anyone EVER needed to have hands laid upon him, it’s probably The Donald!

Here are some of the “spiritual leaders” who were present, according to Gothamist and Joy105.com:

Joy105.com reports that the spiritual masters in attendance included: Nativity scene lamenter Jan Crouch, Paula White, Agents of the Apocalypse author Dr. David Jeremiah, Charismatic Movementleader Kenneth Copland, Darlene Bishop, Kingdom Connection host Jentezen Franklin, Jewish Jesus Rabbi Schneider, Clarence McClendon, George “Demon in My Bedroom” Bloomer, Darrell Scott, Steve Munsey, RD Scott, Bishop Mark Burns and Lady Tomarra Burns.

As Sky Palma at Deadstate put it:

“The self-proclaimed “Jewish Jesus” Rabbi K. A. Schneider took an opportunity place his hand on Trump’s face and fire off a blessing – that didn’t sound all too Jewish.” 


My friends, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Let me make a prediction: this guy is probably going to win the GOP nomination. And it’s going to be hella entertaining. He may even become president! We’ll be up sh*t creek if that happens, but hey….it will always be entertaining and he will always be awkward in these kinds of situations.

Here’s another video of this fabulousness.

h/t Deadstate

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