Debate Of The Year – God Vs A Born-Again Christian

What happens when God decides to have a sense of humor? The following conversation happens.

Here, God, apparently in some weird human form and susceptible to the nuances of the average social media poster, creates a Facebook page and he’s supposedly taken up on this by a, wait for it; “born-again” child of the same God.

The only issue is the child doesn’t believe his “father – God” is the same as the one he’s chatting with.

In this hilarious expression of how humans insist that they have faith in God for the seemingly difficult things while finding it hard to believe God for the little ones, the Child of God who is a preacher and evangelist go on the offensive and tackles “God” on faith, the bible, the ten commandments and everything in-between.

This God is good, lives a moral life, gives to charity, and save lives (maybe he’s a Doctor, Nurse or in the military?)

Whatever your opinion on the matter is, enjoy “God” and “his child” have a go at it:

Image via The Good Lord Above


After all, who punishes God for interacting with a born-again Christian through a Facebook page and not through traditional means – dreams, visions, prophets, inner witness, among others?

This is definitely worth the read.


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