Joe Biden Thanks Trump For Bringing Racist A**holes Out Of Hiding

Vice President Biden hasn’t spoken out much about the current political battles being waged in America. While Obama has been outspoken about what is happening in the GOP, Biden has mostly remained under the radar.

While all the Super Tuesday shenanigans were going on elsewhere, Biden was at a small event in support of Black History Month. He started his speech chuckling as I tried to get out the words, “I want to thank Donald Trump.”

Then he raised his hand and said, “That was a joke.”

In a more serious tone, Biden continued:

“But, guess what? Stuff he’s doing… He’s making the American people look in the mirror. And the American people are honest when they look in the mirror and see what’s looking back at them.”

That is a typically cheery Biden way of looking at the horrors of Donald Trump’s campaign. It is true that Trump’s unfathomable rise to being the GOP front runner shows Americans what happens when we allow the twin evils of ignorance and xenophobia into public discourse unchecked.

The Republican party is divided against itself, as is America in general. Unfortunately, the Republicans have focused so heavily on blaming Obama, and on trying to stop everything that he does, that there is no more room for getting along and talking through differences.

This has lead to “not getting along” personified in Donald Trump. He makes enemies easier that just about anybody else (with the possible exception of Ted Cruz)! All the quiet crazies have been left in the dust while the loud crazies stomp around getting more and more popular. The ignorant masses follow along, happily blaming Obama and Bernie for what they perceive to be wrong with their lives.

Biden is right: we should look in the mirror. And we shouldn’t like what we see.

Featured image is a screencap from video.