More Evidence Surfaces Of Lying George Santos As A Drag Performer

Serial liar George Santos denied the news that he used to perform as a drag queen, but evidence keeps popping up to the contrary. A Brazilian drag performer, Eula Rochard, and others have the receipts. I chatted with Eula, and she sent me the first video that clearly shows that either Santos performed in drag or he has a twin brother that’s a drag queen.

George denied this on Twitter on Thursday.

And now another video has surfaced showing who appears to be George (his drag name is Kitara Ravache) in drag, wearing the exact same outfit that he was allegedly seen in previously when interviewed for an article.


But wait, there’s more.

According to Politico, Santos himself appears to have confirmed that he participated in drag shows while he was a teenager living in Brazil. The outlet accessed a Wikipedia page that shows a user named Anthony Devolder — a Santos alias — writing that he “started [SIC] his ‘stage’ life at age 17 as an gay night club [SIC] DRAG QUEEN and with that won sevral [SIC] GAY’ BEAUTY PAGENTS [SIC].'”

George lied about his entire life, including his education, work history, religion, and background, and even stole from a dying service dog’s GoFundMe. He’s stolen from his friends, and he lied to his constituents. So, of course, Republicans rewarded him with two committee seats.

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