‘Don’t F*ck With White People’: Planning For The Muslim Invasion In The Lone Star State (VIDEO)

They don’t know where it will happen exactly, or when, but a group of vigilantes — armed with their knowledge of firearms, perceived understanding of military tactics, and ignorance of Muslim culture — are poised to save their communities from a Muslim uprising they’re sure is soon to come.

Welcome to the Lone Star State! Sieg howdy, ya’ll!

The Bureau of American-Islamic Relations (B.A.I.R.), a group of white “patriots” led by a man named David Wright and whose name is a play on the Council on American-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.), have dedicated themselves to doing whatever they believe it takes to stop an impending Muslim invasion. They hold armed protests at mosques. They use pigs blood and bacon grease packed in the middle of their bullets “so that when [they] shoot a Muslim, they go straight to hell” because apparently “that’s what [Muslims] believe in their religion.” They stand on bridges and fire into stagnant creek beds, this apparently being the necessary training needed.

B.A.I.R. are ideologically-motivated and are committed to the use of force to further that ideology. They are domestic terrorists.

In April, a planned protest outside a mosque in South Dallas escalated racial tensions in a community already tense. B.A.I.R. arrived at the Muhammed Mosque in full camouflage fatigues like they were getting ready to storm Fallujah, but before their protest could get underway, they were met by armed members of Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panther Party. Dallas police carefully observed the meeting between the groups. B.A.I.R. abandoned the protest without much incident, save for shouting and threats.

lone star state anti-muslim armed protests
B.A.I.R. armed protesters in South Dallas. Image is a screengrab from YouTube.

B.A.I.R. have staged several protests — complete with guns, American flags, and signs reading “Stop the Islamization of America” — at the Islamic Center of Irving, Texas. B.A.I.R. leader David Wright has used Islamophobic indents in Irving to bolster his own group’s mission — notably the city’s backlash against a Sharia court that never existed and a 14-year-old’s boy’s alleged bomb, that was actually a clock — citing the inflammatory, anti-Muslim rhetoric of Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne as justification for their armed protests.

The city of Irving is the perfect place for B.A.I.R. to scream-preach their Islamophobic message.

The Lone Star State is at the epicenter of the testy relationship between Islamic and non-Islamic communities. While Islamic terrorist groups have executed terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, Texas residents and politicians have stood in opposition to policies involving Syrian refugees and pro-Islamic activism, with some even going so far as committing acts of violence to make their point.

In early-December 2015, Republican Ken Paxton, the Lone Star State’s attorney general, sued the federal government and a refugee resettlement group in a brazen attempt to keep Syrian refugees from entering the state.

On Christmas Eve that year, 31-year-old Anthony Paz Torres went to a South Dallas tire shop and opened fire, killing a non-Muslim customer and critically injuring a Christian Middle Eastern man, shouting “Muslim!” repeatedly during the incident.

At the end of the day, the men of B.A.I.R. are not the military. They are not police. They are merely a group of ammosexuals who are so skeptical and paranoid toward someone different that they feel it necessary to put together a “militia” to defend themselves, their families, and their friends from an enemy that is likely to never set foot on their lawn. What B.A.I.R. is succeeding in doing, however, is further escalate already tense relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Lone Star State.

Though, this is Texas, which has never really been a bastion of tolerance anyway.

Featured image is a screengrab from YouTube.

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