WATCH: Trump And Pence Spend Less Than A Minute Helping Flood Victims

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, made a promise to the people of Louisiana. With his latest campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, the candidate announced via ABC News that he would be going to the area of the floods.

Conway said that the candidate was heading toward the floods in Baton Rouge. It was absolutely not going to be a photo-op she insisted. There would be “no press allowed.” Why were Trump and his right hand man, Mike Pence (R-In), heading to the devastated state?

Image via YouTube screengrab.

Why, to “help people on the ground.”

Of course!

Now Mediate reports that things were not exactly as promised. It turns out that in spite of the promises made by the campaign, there were plenty of cameras present to record the moment. In spite of the fact that it was supposed to a non-political event, Trump took time to attack his political opponents.

One part of the Trump promise did come true, though. Donald Trump and Mike Pence actually did help to hand out supplies to people whose lives were devastated by the historic floods.

Yes, they did.

For exactly 49 seconds, with multiple cameras whirring, the Republican tag team handed out supplies to the needy citizens.

That’s right. They flew all the way to the flood area to pose for pictures and to look seriously into the distance as news cameras recorded their every move. Then they stood in a line with other volunteers.

There they helped to hand out donations to desperate people who had just lost their homes, all of their possessions,  and their entire life’s work.

So what did the two men give to the survivors of the floods?

Was it clothing? Food? Desperately needed medicine?


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stood in the Louisiana sun and handed out boxes of Play-Doh to the crowd.

They did it with a straight face, too.

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