WATCH: Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Accidentally ADMITS He Broke The Law

It is common knowledge that the United States of America prohibited any kind of corporate expenditure in Cuba without the government’s approval. And yet despite this well-known fact, a Trump company went ahead and spent at least $68,000 in Cuba in 1998.


Trump's Campaign Manager Accidentally Admitting He Broke The Law
Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

This bit of information, while speculated for the longest, was put to rest in a recent interview when Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, unwittingly confirmed Trump’s expenditure in Cuba.

When questioned whether she was denying Trump’s spending in Cuba, Conway replied by stating:

I think they paid money, as I understand from the story, they paid money in 1998.”

She tried to cover her confession by defending herself:

We’re not supposed to talk about years ago when it comes to the Clinton, but with Trump, there is no statute of limitations ever.”

Sorry Conway, but this is how politics works.

Trump has already managed to amass tons of accolades for his double-standard shenanigans, but what makes this bit truly special is that he has been one of the few people who vehemently supported this law against spending corporate money in the Caribbean country. Keeping that in mind, it comes off as rather disorderly move for a presidential candidate.

Evidence suggests that Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts secretly spent the money in Cuba with Trump’s knowledge through an American consulting firm. Once the consultants traveled to Cuba and blew the money, the firm guided Trump’s company on:

“…How to make it appear legal by linking it after the fact to a charitable effort.”

With Trump’s drama unfolding everyday, especially with his tax evasion among other things, it’s highly unlikely that any American in his or her right state of mind would eventually vote for a lunatic who considers himself above the law and acts so frivolously.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video