Lesbian Trump Fan With Crazy Rant About The ‘Evils Of Clinton’ (VIDEO)

Just when you thought this election couldn’t get any crazier. A woman called Deplorable Deb has taken to YouTube to find viral fame, just by explaining why she is voting orange in November. In a recent rant, Deb explains that she is voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to stop ISIS. It seems Deb believes ISIS is the main threat to gay people these days. Deb compares the existence of ISIS today, with that of AIDs in the 1980s. She then takes aim at Robby Mook, a campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who also happens to be gay.

While it is fair to say that most gay people would align themselves with a more progressive party, Deb bucks this trend and instead attacks Mook for working for Clinton. Here is a part of her rhetoric:

You know Mr. Mook, I got to tell you something. I was out of the closet during the time of AIDS … you’re 36 years old, you don’t know anything about that. And for me that was a very bad time. I lost a lot of friends then, And what I find now it’s not funny going into a gay club and having some terrorist from these Muslim countries coming to kill us. And you should be ashamed of yourself for campaigning for that bitch. Unbelievable.”

She goes on:

“And for me, this is a worse time now, worrying about ISIS killing us. You don’t even know the time of AIDS, that was a bad time that I never thought in my life I would see another time that I would fear for me and my other gay friends,” 

“But to know that you are a gay man, like us, and you’re her campaign manager. How disgraceful, that you are out there in the public supporting somebody that is going to come here and will kill you for being a gay man.”

She is obviously referring to the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando, a few months ago, which was a terrible tragedy. The sad thing is that Trump talks tough on ISIS, but being a TV star and businessman his whole life, does not actually qualify him as someone who can actually achieve the defeat of the extremist group.

In fact, his divisive ideas surrounding Muslim immigration, could potentially make the situation worse. Trump’s blanket ban creates a narrative that all Muslims are disliked and ostracized by the west and as a result ISIS recruiters can then use that very narrative to convert people to their extremist ideology.

Deplorable Deb is another example of Trump supporters who you might not expect to be fans, especially with his disrespect towards women as well as having Pence as a running mate. Liberal America recently revealed another group of women, who call themselves the Trumpettes, who consider Trump to be a ‘God.’

Watch Deb’s message about Robby Mook:

Featured Image screenshot via YouTube.