WATCH: Tom Ford Refuses To Design Clothes For Melania – Here’s Why

Top designer, Tom Ford has appeared on The View to discuss his career and his designs. The designer who had worked for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and now his own fashion house, was there to discuss his new film. However, early on in the interview, the topic of the new First Lady Of The United States was raised by host Joy Behar.

She announced that the U.S. has “a new First Lady.” Behar then went on to say that Melania Trump was both “beautiful” and “thin” and that perhaps she was going to look “great” in his clothes.

Ford’s response was:

“I don’t know, I was asked to dress her a few years ago and I declined.”

When asked by Joy “Why?” Ford spoke further:

“Well she is not necessarily my image… other than the fact that I am a Democrat and voted for Hillary and am very sad and disappointed that she is not in office, but other than that… she shouldn’t be wearing my clothes, they are too expensive, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but to relate to everybody”

Joy then asked him why he had dressed Michelle in the past, Ford explained:

“Michelle, I dressed once when she was going to Buckingham Palace, for dinner with the Queen and I thought it was appropriate…”

The message here is that Michelle is Ford’s “image,” while Melania is not.

Although it seems his political leanings are also part what makes him hesitant to design for the incoming First Lady, he certainly was not rude about it.

Michelle Obama’s elegance and style as First Lady, will no doubt be missed in the White House. It is Michelle’s positive, vibrant, down-to-earth nature that made her such a popular First Lady.

So far, Melania Trump has shown that she greatly admires Michelle’s taste in speeches, but it seems she may have to look elsewhere for designers.

Watch Tom Ford speaking about incoming FLOTUS Melania Trump on The View:

Featured Image Via You Tube.