NEW: Trump Is ‘Putin’s Fool’ And Russians Are Laughing (VIDEO)

Nina Khrushcheva is a graduate of Moscow State University and Princeton University. She is a professor of Russian affairs at the New School in New York.

She is also the granddaughter of the old Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

You might remember him.

He became internationally famous for his boorish behavior. He was the guy who pulled off his shoe in front of the U.N. and slammed it on the podium while yelling, “We will bury you!”

Interestingly enough, Khrushchev was also the guy who approved the building of the Berlin Wall.

Americans loved to laugh at Khrushchev. He was not your typical world leader because he was poorly educated and very rough around the edges.

Does this sound like any future world leader you know?

Nina Khrushcheva knows her grandfather’s history. She recognizes when someone steps onto the world stage even though he isn’t qualified to handle that much power.

She appeared on MSNBC with a panel of foreign policy experts to talk about the relationship between President-elect Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She told the show’s host that Trump is “playing right into Putin’s hands.” The entire panel agreed that Trump is behaving like “a fool.”

She added this:

“I was just in Moscow and the Russians are saying ‘Look at those fools, look at their their democracy.’ Absolutely. ‘How could America lecture us on any development, institutions, human rights, democracy, rhetoric when they just elected Donald Trump. He’s such a fool. He’s such a bully. That’s what America deserves and we’re going to take advantage of it.’ And that’s how Russians feel about it, and now it’s taking shape with letters from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump with their exchange on potential nuclear armament and whatnot.”

The panel agrees that Trump’s overwhelming need to be liked and admired, even by the likes of Putin, will get in the way of any investigation into Russian hacking of the DNC.

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance told said:

“We are being played as fools by a spymaster-in-chief, a former KGB officer, Director of Russian Intelligence. He’s laughing at us in his letters which stroke Donald Trump. ‘His excellency!’ We haven’t had a letter like that in the United States since King George III. As long as Trump is manipulated, Russia and China will take our market share from the international markets out there, and the United States will be relegated to a third class country.”

Welcome to the New World Order, folks. Any day know, I expect we’ll be told to refer to each other as “comrade.”

You can watch the entire discussion below.

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